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4 Ways to Manage Diversity Well

Do you find the phrase “workplace diversity” daunting? Does your organizational culture have a need to successfully managing diversity or to increase diversity? Let’s explore the different components and practical applications on what workplace researchers have been finding effective over the last couple of decades. Diversity in the workplace refers to the state of having […]

6 Pillars of an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

According to research published in Harvard Business Review, there are 6 important pillars that make up an effective workplace wellness program. This article explores each pillar in detail, as well as the outcomes of an effective workplace wellness program. Imagica LPH has been implementing corporate wellness programs with a proven track record of lowering healthcare […]

Healthy Employees in a Nutshell: Yes You Can!

Healthy employees are beneficial all-around. They are likely to be more engaged, happy, more productive, take less sick days, make better quality decisions, and contribute more to the organization. Employee health and wellbeing are an obvious goal, and more and more organizations are identifying employee health and wellbeing as a priority. However, creating an organization […]

The Down Low on Unlimited Vacation Days

Does your company offer unlimited paid vacation days or sabbaticals? Employees of companies like IBM, Netflix, Evernote, Chegg, and Twitter are able to take as much time off as they want. If you are an employee of Intel, after 7 years of working for them, you can take a fully paid 8-week sabbatical. About 3% […]

Are Your Employees Suffering from Winter Blues?

Your employees’ mental health can significantly affect productivity. An annual estimated national productivity cost of $44-$51 billion dollars are due to depression.1 An estimated 15 million US adults are suffering from depression. As colder weather is approaching, more and more people may be feeling the “winter blues.” With the clouded skies outside, ice-cold freezing winds, […]

Eating Seasonally

Fall is finally here! For us Arizonans, fall is a brief transition over from a sizzling summer to a mild winter. For those in the Midwest, fall is a season with beautiful and vibrant foliage changes. With changing season, seasonal produce changes. In this article, we will explore why you should buy and consume seasonal […]

Is it Time to Ditch that Soda?

Is it time to ditch that soda? Scientific evidence says yes, definitely yes. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages have been long thought to contribute to the obesity epidemic in America, and strong measures such as banning sodas from school vending machines or imposing a “sugar tax” has been implemented across the country. A regular can of […]

6 Herbs and Spices that can Transform your Health

What you eat can change how you feel. Herbs and spices have been used for centuries throughout numerous cultures as a healing tool for various symptoms and illnesses. This article explores research-proven benefits of herbs and spices that are effective for everything from heart disease to relieving anxiety. Heart Disease Garlic and Garlic Oil: Garlic […]

Yes, You Need More Office Plants

The concept of office space has evolved over time from grimy cubicles next to 300 other people to modern co-working spaces that integrate life, work, and play. Kind and layout of office space depends on the type of work and company budget, but one universal improvement can make a vast difference: more plants. Creating a […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness has recently come to attention to those outside of philosophy and religion, and has been touted as a new and innovative tool for numerous benefits in the workplace. Mindfulness involves being aware of your surroundings and paying attention to what is happening in the present, both external and internal.1 Workplace Mindfulness comprises of these two components […]