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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga adds about twenty years into your life, so it doesn’t take time, it gives time!” – Danny Paradise, Yogi and Musician

If you have not jumped aboard the yoga train yet, hopefully this article will convince you. The term yoga means Sanskrit for “to unite.” Yoga is an ancient Hindu school of philosophy and traditional Indian medical system, not just the physical movement and postures. Yoga promotes health and healing through a physical, spiritual, and psychological balance.1 There are multiple styles of yoga, and yoga includes physical practice of postures, breathing, and meditation.2 The term yoga in the Western world refers to hatha yoga, which include the three above.

Numerous health benefits of yoga have been noted from regular practice. The physical aspects affected include effective management of musculoskeletal disorders symptoms, improvement in motor skills, better heart and lung health, increased muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.3 Psychologically, practitioners first notice increased overall well-being. Additionally, yoga leads to better perceived mood, decreased stress, and improved body awareness.4

So, how do you become a yogi? Most studios welcome new yogis every day. If you have never practiced yoga before, don’t be afraid to go to a nearby yoga studio and sign up for a beginner’s class! Many studios have yoga mats that you can borrow for the practice. If you don’t want to practice at a yoga studio, yoga can also be done at home. You can find quality videos online, such as Yoga with Adriene or Do Yoga With Me. Free iphone apps, such as 5 Minute Yoga, Daily Yoga, or Down Dog can also help guide your practice. Hop on the mat and start practicing!

Imagica LPH’s Yoga Partner & Featured Yogi

Prasada Rene Yoga, Imagica’s yoga partner, provides on-site yoga and wellness to corporations, residential communities, and other institutions throughout the West Coast. Prasada Rene Yoga’s team of certified and experienced yoga instructors, massage therapist, group fitness instructors and certified nutritionist will bring the benefits of yoga and wellness to your workplace or luxury residential community at times that are convenient for you and your employees or residents.

Prasada Rene Yoga has found that yoga wellness programs typically provide a $5.60-to-$1.00 return on investment (“ROI”) in terms of improved efficiency, effectiveness and lower absenteeism. Self-insured companies also typically enjoy an annual reduction of $200 per employee for health costs.

Paige (featured on image above), founder of Prasada Rene Yoga, first discovered the emotional healing benefits of yoga after struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression. Searching for a better alternative to medications that she had been using to treat her symptoms, she instead decided to treat the issues that were causing them. While building her inner strength, she noticed she body was getting stronger as well. Paige is a master Yogi, certified to teach other yogis to become yoga teachers, and has been practicing for 4 years.

Common Yoga Terms Glossary

Yoga1: a Hindu philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind, and will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation

Yoga2: a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being

Yogi: a person who practices yoga

Ashtanga: a form of hatha yoga based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and its eight stages or ‘limbs’ and involving ujjayi breathing and a swift series of poses

Hatha: a system of physical exercises for the control and perfection of the body

Asana: any of the postures in a yoga exercise

Pranayama: breathing practice

Dhyana: meditation

Samadhi: state of enlightenment


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