How to Eat More Vegetables

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to your bodily function. Meeting recommended fiber intake can boost your digestive health. However, it’s always easier to consume more carbs and proteins but not so much for vegetables. How do you incorporate more vegetables into your diet? Here are some suggestions: 1) Swap those fries out for a side salad. When eating out, it seems harder to eat healthy. Resist the temptation of fries (high fat, high cholesterol, extra carbs) for a healthy side salad. 2) Find vegetables that you like. Your grocery store has more vegetable options than you think. Seasonal vegetables are always a great option. If you can find vegetables that taste good to you, you’ll be surprised at how much more vegetables you can eat! 3) Incorporate more vegetables into your regular recipes. Love your pasta bake? Great, why not try throwing in some cauliflowers with it? What about adding bell peppers and brussels sprouts to your mac and cheese? There are always creative ways to add more vegetables to your regular recipes. If that seems challenging, find new recipes that look great that does use more vegetables.

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